Learn How To Keep Your Digital  Photos Stored and Organized for Good 




Take this course created by Alex Brzozowski, a professional organizer in digital organization, and she'll help you get there!

"This course has enabled me to do something that I've been wanting to do for 10 years now.  

It provided guidance and structure to take me step-by-step and showed me that an overwhelming task is doable! 

I love the camaraderie -- knowing there were others who wanted to organize their photos and provided a space for us to meet and encourage one another. 

I love that you provide a current approach & solution, taking into account a multitude of options and consolidated the decisions down to a few doable steps!" (Mo)

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

Sustain your memories by organizing your digital photos

Locate and organize all your photos in one library

Be able to easily share and back up your pictures

Tell me, does this sound like you?


  • Do you have so many photos on your phone and computer that you are running out of storage space?  Do you feel overwhelmed just by thinking about organizing them? 


  • Do you have digital photos everywhere, and when you finally get the family together, you can never find the photos from that trip you had a couple years ago?


  • You know the feeling. You took a photo of that amazing sunset or beach vacation or that perfect dessert you baked. But now you can't find it. Did you save it on your computer, your phone, in the cloud? Was it just an Instagram story? And didn't you save a better, edited version somewhere? How many photos do you have anyway?

If that sounds like you, then the

Digital Photo Organizing Course

is for you!

Hi, I'm Alex and, as a Digital Organizer and Productivity Specialist for almost 10 years, I’ve helped many people bring order to their digital photo chaos. And I’m super excited to help YOU as well!

Even the most organized among us struggles with disorganization when it comes to photos. Our digital photo collections are particularly messy, since we take so many photos from so many different devices, without ever giving much thought to what images we will keep, where we will store them, and how we will ever retrieve them when we need.

In this day and age, most of us have digital images in multiple locations, including smartphones, tablets, cameras, you name it!

And how about those old and new computers, CD/DVDs, memory cards, and external hard drives?


Plus, every day we snap more and more photos with our phones, cameras and other digital devices.

Smiles may fill those images, but thinking about organizing those digital photos probably doesn’t make you grin.

In fact, you may be grimacing as you realize how many digital photos you have and all the places they are stored. 

But don’t fret — you are not alone!

This is a common issue that can be cleaned up like any other mess around the house. And there’s no time like the present to start.

I want you to reap the benefits of an organized digital photo collection! 


That’s why I created the Digital Photo Organizing Course. To provide you a blueprint for completing what is typically a daunting organizing project.


Over the last 8 years I have worked with clients and have come up with a system that we use over and over and over again.  The project usually costs a client thousands of dollars - an average investment of $12,000 to go through the photo organizing process and hours of work.


And we are packaging ALL that info in the course for you for only $497 NOW $347 for a limited time!




All my secrets are in there, I hold nothing back, so you can follow the exact system I use! 




I give you the steps in terms you understand, not like those IT folks.  No techy jargon that makes you scratch your head. 

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"I've always been pretty good at keeping my digital photos pretty organized and in order, but they've always been stored in various locations-old computers, CDs, external hard drives, etc.

Taking this course with Alex has enlightened me of the importance to keep everything in one spot.

She also helped me learn about the various options for storage and walked our class through the steps to accomplish digital photo organizing!

This class is definitely worth your time & money! I'm so glad I was part of this group & enjoyed learning everything Alex had to teach.” 


"I’ve been snapping photos like they’re going out of style all my life, and as decades went on, and unlimited photo taking continued, my galleries were divided and duplicated all over the place with no rhyme or reason. Enrolling in Be Organizing’s Digital Photo Organizing course changed everything for me. 
First of all, it gave me confidence that I could regain control. 
Second, Alex helped me ask myself the right questions to determine what type of organizing I needed, and she showed me how to solve issues.
And third, she got me further than I ever imagined getting on my own. 
The class included clearly outlined steps, simplified language and terminology (thankfully!), and practical advice. In 4 short classes, digital file organizing flipped from being a nightmare to a self-implemented method that I couldn’t be more proud of. Once again I can just have fun with photos and scrapbooking, and I can leave the frustrations (of finding them?!) or fears (of losing them?!) behind."




I had my first laptop ever from college which I had stored all my digital photos on. It was the only photo collection I had, besides the printed ones that my mom was keeping for me from childhood.  


Less than a year after college, my computer started acting up and it was SOOO incredibly slow that I knew something was wrong. I took it to the IT department at the law office I worked at, and he said he needed to do something to it which would possibly write off everything I ever had on my computer, so I needed to make sure I had all my information safely stored elsewhere. 


This was in 2008, and cloud storage for personal use was limited and external hard drive space was more expensive. 


I took my laptop back home and asked my boyfriend at the time if he had an external hard drive I could use.  He said that he had an external hard drive for his side business, and some business cloud storage server I could store the photos on.  I tried uploading to the cloud storage server first and it was taking so long (internet was not what it is now) to upload the photos, that I did a lot of them, but decided that I would put the rest on the external hard drive because I needed to take it to my IT friend at work ASAP.  


My computer was finally fixed but I was told that I would eventually need to get a new computer because it was not going to last long, so I should wait until I bought a new computer to put all my files back onto. Eventually, I bought a new laptop but I was busy trying to advance my career as a Paralegal at the time, so my focus was definitely not on my photos from college, so they stayed on the cloud storage server and external hard drive. 


Fast forward to a couple years later, when I was finally ready to work on my pictures...


I tried to log into the cloud storage server and the login kept failing. I asked my boyfriend if he had changed his password to the account, and he said he stopped paying for it. I asked if he had downloaded the files off of it before it had ended, and he said that he didn’t because he didn't think he needed anything from what he could remember. I then asked him about the external hard drive and found out that he gave it to a business friend who lived across the county, who was in town months prior, to use for a project they were working on so, at this point my photos were overwritten.


I was livid and so upset to say the least. It still makes me sick to my stomach when I think about it. I tried relentlessly to get the photos back with absolutely no success. The cloud storage server company was barely in business anymore, and the external hard drive was long gone.  


I lost at least 4 years of my photos.


All those college moments that were documented are gone. I remember a lot of them, but I know that when I look back even at my high school photos, there are things that I don’t remember, until I see the picture. 


I promised myself that I would NEVER let that happen again. From there on out I made sure I knew exactly where all my photos were stored, all organized in one library, that I alone have access to, and control over.  That boyfriend, by the way, is long gone too. ;)


This is why I'm passionate about organizing photos.


I want to help people organize their digital photos and make sure they are properly stored so they do not  go through what I have.  I've heard many other tragic stories like that from friends and clients over the years, I don't want that for you either.


You can't recreate those moments, so it's so important to keep them safe and organized.


You don't have to go through what I went through! Get this course and get to work!




Got questions? I've got answers!